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Welcome to The January

Better Body Bootcamp for Menopause Wellness

Are you struggling with menopausal weight gain? Rediscover and fall in love with your new body using my simple 30-day approach to sustainable wellness during and after menopause. 

Why 30 days?  Because forming good habits take at least 21 days, depending on the person.  You will feel so good that you'll want to keep going.

Menopause meet your Match!

Coach Diesta

"I cannot stress enough how much I love this program!"


If you want to...

  • Get that holiday weight gain OFF with the right approach for menopausal women.

  • Jumpstart your desired weight loss - Most women historically lose 3 to 6 pounds in this boot camp, and you can too!

  • Learn the keys to better nutrition for menopausal/post menopausal women.

  • Begin sleeping 7 - 8 hours a night.

  • Increase the feel-good hormones and decrease the stress tied to your menopause weight gain.

  • Awaken your sluggish metabolism that’s slowing down your progress.

  • Address a doubtful or excuse-giving mindset that’s self-sabotaging your desired wellness.

  • Receive affirmations and motivation that will encourage you to keep going

Then this bootcamp is for you!

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Join my 30-day bootcamp

for $30. 

Let's make your life in 2024, better than it's ever been before!

What you'll get!

  • A meal plan suited for you (vegan/vegetarian options available

  • A stronger healthier body.

  • Daily workouts for either the gym or home.

  • Motivational messages

  • Access to your personal menopause wellness coach

  • The ability to upload your progress photos privately

  • Accountability with other motivated women.

  • Weekly trainings on menopause nutrition, sleep, self-sabotage, and mindset.

  • A live trainings with Coach Diesta Saturday mornings  (video taped in case you miss them)

Note: This program always starts Monday.  So if you purchase on Tuesday, your workouts will start the following Monday.

Once you join, you will receive a link to download my app with a link to sign a quick waiver.  Check your inbox for an invitation from Trainerize.

The workouts are tailored for beginner to intermediate fitness levels.

Queen, I know you're going to love it.


Trainings you'll receive during the bootcamp!
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I'll see you inside the Bootcamp!