Time to Master Your Menopause

In Five Days

In 5 days, learn my five secrets to Mastering your Menopause symptoms, experiencing a positive mindset, and losing your unwanted weight gain.

  Menopause Meet Your MATCH!

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Are you struggling with:

  • Unwanted weight gain while you're eating the same & still exercising?

  • Just not feeling yourself? Poor sleep quality? Unexplained Anxiety?

  • Endless dieting with no results?

  • Working out for hours but not making any progress?

  • A negative body image that you know is affecting your self-esteem?

You're in the right place!

Hi!  I'm Coach Diesta!

In this short & powerful training, you'll learn building blocks to implement THIS WEEK that will help you Master your Menopause Wellness.   

As soon as you sign up, you'll receive a PDF and your first video right away.  (Check spam for [email protected])

Each day look for another short video in your mailbox with actions to implement. 

It's gonna be LIT!!!

She's a wealth of information and encouragement.  So glad I signed up with her!" I've lost a little over 24 lbs & 11.5 inches while working with Diesta."


Over the time I worked with Diesta, I lost almost 20 pounds, lost inches on my waist and hips and feel prepared to continue the new routines I began during my work with her. 


Not sure where to start? Need someone in your corner, who is not judging but just motivating. Diesta is all that and more. She'll assess, tell ya what to do and help you keep focused. 


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If you want to know....

  • What foods should I eat for menopause?  You may think you're eating the right foods but you're not.

  • Is it really that important to lift weights and exercise?

  • Why you are not sleeping as well as you did before menopause.

  • How to identify and treat your symptoms with Menopause Hormone Therapy? What should I avoid?

  • How stress can keep you from losing weight and what to do about it!

Then don't hesitate....this free & amazing micro-training is for you!

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Your results will be....

  • Better sleep quality which helps you lose unwanted menopausal belly fat
  • Knowledge of what to eat and protein needs for this time in your life
  • Up to date, timely information on Menopause Hormone Therapy (both natural & prescription options)
  • Stress management tools to decrease your anxiety.
  • A jump-start to your wellness plan so you can Master your Menopause.
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