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All about Menopause

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Let's level set and go over the definitions of menopause.

Perimenopause: the years leading up to menopause
Average is 4 years - Can be 1-10 years (early 40’s)

Menopause: A one day event in your life Queen! No periods for a year
Most women reach Menopause between 45-55.  The average is 51 years old,

Postmenopause – No periods for more than 12 months - the day after menopause, now you're called postmenopausal but symptoms can go on for many years.

The reason for menopause are  due to the changes in your reproductive hormones.

Estrogen is responsible for memory health (brain fog), increased cholesterol, increased fat store, ovulation, breast development, vaginal lubrication, maturation and maintenance of bone mineral density.  With estrogen levels bouncing all over the place as a women goes through menopause, women experience brain fog, vaginal dryness, hot flashes (75% of women), hair thinning, and many other factors.

Progesterone helps with sleep, reduces anxiety, improves the action of thyroid hormones, helps balances blood sugar, maintains the uterine lining, normalize blood clotting and inhibits breast tissue overgrowth, and restores libido.  Progesterone tells the uterus to get ready for an egg.

Testosterone makes up less than 15% of your sex hormones) and helps increase muscle mass, supports healthy libido and sex drive, helps decrease body fat (in post-menopausal women), supports healthy maintenance and growth of bones. A lot of post-menopausal women will take testosterone. Chin hairs anyone?💪🏾

What women do not realize is that menopause is just not physical, but it can be internal.  Since you have less progesterone, some women can experience depression, stress and anxiety. 

In my research, I've discovered that the menopause experience is different for Women of Color in 5 areas.  Grab my free PDF below.

While it's challenging to address everything here, there are natural herbs, nutriution, self-care tips, and  hormone replacement therapy (HRT) an OB/GYN may prescribe.   

Things you can do:

  • Start your menopause diary.
  • Chat with your doctor if any menopause symptoms are impacting your quality of life.   
  • Down load my free PDF on Menopause is different for Women of Color.  Click the blue button below.

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